What does the word "NAQ" mean?

NAQ is pronounced the same way as the word “Knack”.  Knack is a special talent or ability.  Do you have the Knack, to do the NAQ?  Doing the NAQ is when a player asks a question in which half the players answer correctly and half answer incorrectly.  If there are an odd number of players answering, always round up to determine half.  For example, if 5 players were answering, 3 players would be considered half.  NAQ is also known as the game with “No Answers or Questions” pre-written or outdated.

What is the object of the game?

Do the NAQ as many times as possible and answer as many questions as possible.  Each player in the game will create their own questions and also answer questions that other players have created.  First player to the finish is the WINNER!

What types of questions are allowed?

Players must ask a question that is considered a general knowledge question.  We have included Subject Cards in the game to help players think of questions.  No personal questions are allowed.

The following types of questions are also not allowed: Multiple Choice, True/False, 50/50, Opinions, Foreign Word Translations, Math, Spelling and Grammar.  For more details, click here to download the NAQ Instructions.

In a typical game, what are some examples of questions?

The great thing about NAQ is that the types of questions asked are based on the knowledge of the players in the game.  NAQ is “custom-made” trivia.  The best question is one that is not too easy or too difficult.  Remember, your goal is for only half the players to answer correctly.  Below are some examples of questions asked in a typical NAQ game:

1. What automobile manufacturer makes the Mustang?
2. Who sang the theme song for the movie Titanic?
3. Name two of the three colors on the flag of Italy?
4. What is the name of Charlie Brown’s dog?
5. Which football team had the most Super Bowl wins in the 1990’s?
6. In the fashion world, what do the initials DKNY®  stand for?
7. Who was the U.S. President in 1978?
8. What fruit has its seeds on the outside?
9. What famous baseball player was married to Marilyn Monroe?
10. Who was the voice of “Woody” in the movie Toy Story?
11. What city is the capital of Texas?
12. Who was the lead actress in the movie Legally Blonde?

If you would like to know the answers to the above questions, they are located near the bottom of the home page on this site.

What if a question or answer is in dispute?

This rarely happens in a NAQ game.  Our NAQ Instructions have simple and fast solutions to resolve disputed questions or answers.  Please click here to download the NAQ Instructions.

How do you determine half when there are an odd number of players answering?

Always round up to determine half.  For example, if 5 players were answering, 3 players would be considered half.  Please refer to the Quick Reference Card included in the game for more details. 

Are there any Strategy Tips?

Absolutely!  Here are a few:

1. As the game progresses, players should ask questions that they think the player(s) in or near last place will know and leader(s) will
    not know.  This will slow down the leader(s) and allow the player asking the question to gain or maintain the lead.  This may also
    prevent other players from using NAQ Cards.
2. Players should try to think of future questions when it’s not their turn.  Players can make small reminder notes and should try to think
    of as many questions in advance as possible.  This will keep the game moving at a fast pace.
3. NAQ Cards should be played as much as possible.  Wisely choose your best NAQ Card to catch the leader(s).
4. Generally, the most successful questions are ones that can also be guessed correctly.  For example, “Yale University is located in
    what state?”  If one player knows the correct answer and the other four players know it is located in the New England/East Coast
    area, they will probably submit a guess.  There is a good chance you may do the NAQ.
5. If there is a NAQ game scheduled later in the day or week; we suggest thinking of some questions before you play the game.  Write
    down a short list of 5-10 questions that will be based on the knowledge of players participating.

Where can I buy NAQ?

NAQ is a NEW board game and is only available online.  If you would like to purchase NAQ on our site, please see the Products section.  We are currently establishing relationships with retailers worldwide.  We will post retailers on this site when we have an extensive list for the United States.  If you own a retail store and would like to purchase NAQ games at wholesale, please email your contact information to retailers@NAQgames.com.  We will email or fax you a Retailer Application and our exclusive Retailer order phone number.

What if I do not ask a question within 60 seconds?

You will simply lose your turn, however, if you are on the STOP space (final space on the game board) you will move back one space.

What are the NAQ Cards?

The NAQ Cards bring a higher level of strategy to the game.  They can be played during the game to attack the leader(s) or reward you with a bonus when it is your turn to ask a question. Collecting NAQ Cards can also help you win if there is a tie at the end of the game.  If you play your NAQ Cards properly, they can play a key role in winning the game!

How is it possible for 729 people to play NAQ?

Believe it or not, NAQ can be played by 729 people in the “Ultimate NAQ Tournament”.  See the Tournaments section in this site for more details.

Can someone play that cannot physically attend the game?

Yes!  Use a Speakerphone – If you have a friend or family member that lives outside of your area, they can join in on the fun.  We recommend that only one player participate through a speakerphone.  We suggest that the speakerphone player always read aloud their answer first, once all answers have been submitted.  You must also tell the speakerphone player to write down what NAQ Cards they have collected for future use.

I lost my NAQ Instructions, can I get another copy?

Yes, click here to download the NAQ Instructions.

What does the Alternate Start space mean on the game board?

Exactly that!  It is an Alternative starting position for shorter game time.  It is still considered a regular landing space in the game when you start at the normal Start space.

Is NAQ available in other languages?

Not yet, however, we are currently in the process of creating a French, Spanish, Japanese and German version that should be available in the near future.  If you know any retail stores that would like to carry any of those versions, have them email us at foreign@NAQgames.com.  We will add them to our list to contact when those versions are ready.  If you would like NAQ to be offered in another language, please email us at foreign@NAQgames.com and let us know what languages(s) you think we should consider.

Does the game include the NAQ Pens?

No.  We wanted the game to be affordable for everyone.  We have included 9 pencils in the game and the NAQ Pens are optional.  If you want your NAQ game to have that “Deluxe” feeling you can add the NAQ Pens to your game.  We suggest a complete set of 9 NAQ Pens, which will definitely impress your friends and family.  Please see the Products section for more details.

I’ve got a suggestion for the NAQ game or a future NAQ game, how do I contact NAQ Games?

You can submit suggestions any time by emailing us at suggestions@NAQgames.com.

I have a large group of people that love NAQ, how do I coordinate a NAQ event?

Please see the Team, Tournaments and Fun Stuff sections of the site for details on coordinating large group events.

What if I want to play for a shorter time?

The AltStart Game board allows you to place the pawns in the Alternate start space.  Games starting at the Alternate Start space normally shorten the game by 15-20 minutes.

What is the NAQ Affiliate Program?

If you own a web site please go to our Affiliates section of this site.

Is NAQ Games currently hiring?

Yes, please see the Careers section of this site to submit your resume.

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