NAQ Fun Stuff is the section of our site dedicated to the creative ways of using NAQ for unique social gatherings.  NAQ is the game that allows you to mix small or large groups of people with different levels of education and cultures with everyone having an equal chance of winning.  Below are a few ideas of using NAQ for memorable social gatherings:

Family Game Night

NAQ brings families back together.  With all the entertainment choices we have today, most are very expensive and primarily focus on individuals or partners.  Very few FUN and AFFORDABLE family activities remain in society today.  NAQ believes in the importance of POSITIVE and FUN family interaction.  We encourage you and your family to start a weekly or monthly “Family Game Night”.  If you get the family together, NAQ will provide the entertainment.

Company Team Building

Many companies around the world are seeing the benefits of having employees gather for a fun night of interactive games.  Many companies refer to these events as “Team Building” opportunities.  Incorporate NAQ into your weekly or monthly “Game Night” with fellow employees.  If your company does not currently have a “Game Night”, then suggest NAQ to the boss.  Your company should be able to visualize the benefits of strengthening the loyalty of their company employees with NAQ.  If you work for a large company you may want to suggest a Company NAQ Tournament or Team Play Event.  Have the company throw in a few prizes for the winners.  NAQ definitely beats the bruises and embarrassment of those Company Softball or Bowling leagues.

Friendly Get Togethers

Are you the type of person that loves to invite guests over for an evening of FUN and LAUGHTER.  NAQ is the perfect icebreaker for the evening.  People love to talk about things that they have a personal interest in and NAQ allows for players to express their interests in a trivia format.  During and after the game you will be amazed how the NAQ questions stimulated conversation.  NAQ makes for an awesome evening with friends! 

Coffee Shop Stop

If you enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere, then bring NAQ and some friends for an unforgettable coffee shop experience.  If you would like to take it to the next level, then suggest that the Coffee shop owner sponsor a weekly or monthly NAQ event.  It can be an Individual, Team or Tournament event.  The Coffee Shop can give away a gift certificate to the winner.  The event will help to promote the Coffee Shop and increase shop traffic.

School Classrooms

NAQ can be used as an Educational Tool in the classroom as well as a Fundraising Tool for the entire School.  NAQ is an excellent Educational Tool, that combines learning with great entertainment!  For educational purposes in the classroom, we suggest having a NAQ theme game.  The theme may be History, Science, Business, Geography, Animals, Arts, Current Events, Food, Literature, Music, Politics, Sports, Technology, etc.  You may want to consider combining a few of these Subjects.  Please see the Schools section of this site for more details.

Church Activity

Churches are always seeking positive and creative ways to expand our minds.  NAQ can be used as a Church Fundraising Tool for 25-729 players, please see our Fundraiser and Tournaments section for more details.  NAQ can also be enjoyed on a smaller scale and be an opportunity to create camaraderie amongst your members.  NAQ allows members of your church to gather for an uplifting celebration of laughter and interaction.  You may want to consider having a NAQ theme game consisting of questions relating to your religion.  Whether you play NAQ with a theme or in it’s standard format it will definitely be an activity to remember!

Birthday Parties

Not sure what theme to have this year at your birthday party?  NAQ to the rescue!  As long as you have between 4-729 people coming to your party, NAQ has you covered.  It can be an Individual, Team or Tournament event.  If you decide to have a Tournament, make sure you keep a space open at the final table for the Birthday player!

Youth Groups

Youth group leaders are always looking for ways to entertain our young people.  NAQ is the perfect game to provide positive and enlightening entertainment to our youth.  It will also be very inexpensive compared to the typical events that youth groups attend for entertainment.  For groups of 10-729 people, please see our Team and Tournament section.


Are you looking for a FUN way to generate money for your next Fundraiser?  NAQ is your solution!  Organizations around the world are constantly struggling with ways to entertain and raise funds without it costing them a fortune.  Please see the Fundraisers section of this site for more details.

College Events

Do you want bragging rights on your campus as the NAQ Champion!  Throw a Campus-wide or Residence Hall NAQ Team or Tournament event.  It can be promoted as a Fundraiser, Party or Educational event.  You may also be able to secure sponsorships for the event that may donate prizes for the winners.

Game Store Frenzy

Talk with your local game store about hosting a weekly or monthly NAQ event. It can be an Individual, Team or Tournament event.  The Game Store can give away a gift certificate to the winner.  The event will help to promote the Game Store and increase store traffic.

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