These reviews were sent to us from first-time NAQ players:

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Last night I had the opportunity to host my first “NAQ” party for a group of friends, a group representing a broad range of age and experiences.  The youngest at the table was 20 years old, the oldest 60.  Their careers spanned information technology, accounting, an attorney, a business owner and golf pro.  The eclectic list of players was invited so I could experience first hand NAQ’s appeal and playability in a diverse group. 

The set-up of the game was straightforward and quick.  The explanation of the rules required a second run-through and a couple of questions answered.  We decided the best approach was to dive in.  Within two player turns, everyone was comfortable and the game skyrocketed for us.

The game was lively and fun.  There was a well above average amount of joking, teasing and laughter.  The entire group really enjoyed NAQ and the evening.  The two best questions asked that night were “Name the only MLB player to hit a grand slam on his birthday” and “Name the element that is found in every organic or living compound”. (Alex Rodriguez and Carbon).  Both questions resulted in NAQs, but not without a lot of grimaces and head knocks.  The biggest laughs surrounded the designation of judge and the alternate and the fulfillment of those rolls.

After playing, I spoke with the players individually and collectively.  All voiced they enjoyed the game much more than Trivial Pursuit.  Everyone preferred creating the questions to trivia games that provide the questions. – Encinitas, CA.

My NAQ experience began with myself and 3 other players.  I was actually the highest roller of the die so I began the game with the question "What was the name of the bartender on the Simpsons?"  I did a NAQ with my first question with only 2 of the 3 people answering correctly.  The game went on and some other memorable questions were, "Who was the second U.S. President?" "What element is represented by the letters CO?" and "What feature is missing from the face of the famous Mona Lisa painting?"  My opponents did "do the naq" a couple of times as well.  The first game was over approximately a half hour later, but we had so much fun laughing, we decided to play again.  I actually won the first game, go figure.  The second game equaled more fun and laughter, to having debates, followed by more laughter.  The winner of the second game was behind five spaces, she used two different NAQ Cards to help her move ahead and ended up winning the game.

NAQ is truly a game that will have people talking for days to come.  One of the players immediately recommended the game for a group activity at a function taking place this weekend.  Another player recommended the game to be a great gift. – Detroit, MI.

We played NAQ with our 7 year old daughter and a couple of friends! And we really had a great time. It was really great to be able to include our daughter. We have played other games (like Trivial Pursuit) in the past, and she was just unable to really enjoy it, since the questions are not designed for younger children. But with NAQ, we were able to include her by coming up with questions she would be able to answer.

I actually think the game is a wonderful learning tool for her. She has some difficulty in school, due mostly to a wandering mind! Her teachers often have a hard time getting her to continually participate in activities, but with the game, she really wanted to! We were able to quiz her on what she's learning, and she loved every minute of it! I think it will prove to be a really effective study tool for her in the future!

As for the rest of us, it was so much fun to be able to use our own knowledge base to come up with the questions, and try to "Do The NAQ!". We had a wonderful time, and a lot of laughs, and plan to play it often! – Aurora, CO.

I have played NAQ twice now. The first time I played there were 6 players all friends. We sat around and played and laughed for a few hours. We had a great time. I did not win the game however, as I was reviewing the game I could not help but laugh and realize how exciting it would be to win the game. I think 3 of us actually did the NAQ and when it came up we laughed quite hard. During the game I was 4 spaces behind the leader and drew a "double up" card, this allowed me to advance and I almost won the game as a result. I at least had the leader sweating a bit.

The second time I played was with my immediate family, fiancé and children. There were 5 of us playing this game. I had the upper hand this game as I had played once already. The kids asked some great questions and my youngest actually did the NAQ herself and how exciting it was. I drew the "Extra NAQ" card twice and as a result won the game.

All in all my experience was excellent. – Watkins Glen, NY

On yesterday evening I organized six of my close friends, three girls and three guys including myself, and played NAQ.  Although understanding the directions were clear to all players except for one, it was a bit difficult to get the game started.  This is because the players had difficulty remembering which questions were allowed and which were not.  Once we ironed out all of the details, the game began to run smooth and became more exciting and interesting at an exponential rate.  The game lasted what seemed like an eternity because of friendly disputes and endless laughing at some of the questions and more so the answers to those questions.  One of the most memorable questions was, "What movie had the song (Circle of Life) in it?"  One of the players yelled out without hesitation, "GONE WITH THE WIND!"  She was the only one to get the wrong answer but we had a good laugh off of that one.  The one thing that came as a shock to us all is that she ended up winning the game!  The NAQ card that helped her achieve this was the triple up card.  Overall the gaming experience was a huge success and all of my friends stated their approval of the game.

I have nothing but positive things to say about NAQ.  The mechanics and the fun factor of the game are in what seems to be perfect harmony.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I have already received calls from friends asking when I am going to have another game night. – Acworth, GA.

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