NAQ can be used as an Educational Tool in the classroom as well as a Fundraising Tool for the entire School.  NAQ is an excellent Educational Tool that combines learning with great entertainment! 

For educational purposes in the classroom, we suggest having a NAQ theme game.  The theme may be History, Science, Business, Geography, Animals, Arts, Current Events, Food, Literature, Music, Politics, Sports, Technology, etc.  You may want to consider combining a few of these Subjects. 

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to educate students is in a Fun environment.   Students that use NAQ Team Play as an educational tool will learn in a 3-step process.  The first step is working together as a Team to CREATE the best possible questions.  Creating the best questions may involve additional research regarding the theme.  The second step is working together as a Team to answer questions.  Answering questions requires a Team leader/captain to ORGANIZE their team to answer in a proficient and secretive manner.  The third step is for the team to collectively VOTE on which NAQ Card to play as the game progresses.

Below are additional educational benefits that NAQ provides to students:

  • Promotes Interaction
  • Develops Interpersonal Skills
  • Engaging Team Work
  • Motivates Students
  • Promotes Self Esteem
  • Encourages Higher Level Thinking
  • Creative Expression
  • Enhanced Memory Skills
  • Improves Vocabulary
  • Encourages Cooperative Learning
  • Strategic Thinking

Schools can play NAQ in one of these formats:

4-9 Player format
10-45 Players in a Team Play format
25-729 Players in a Tournament and/or Fundraiser format

If you would like to consider a Campus-Wide event, please see the Tournament section of this site.  If you would like to have a School Fundraiser please see the Fundraiser section of this site.

The most common format for a typical classroom is a 10-45 player Team Play format.  For shorter game time (approximately 45 minutes for a 5-team game) we recommend starting the game on the Alternate Start space.  Have one person (i.e. Teacher) be the Judge, hand out NAQ Cards, distribute Answer Pads, move the pawns and sand timers. We recommend the Teacher play NAQ with friends/family at least once before introducing the game to students.  Once the teacher has played NAQ and carefully reviewed the NAQ Instructions, classroom play will be a SMOOTH and FUN experience! 

Please see Team Play in this site for more details and examples of setting up your classroom for an awesome NAQ Educational experience!

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