Team Play is great for 10-45 players.  It is extremely rare to be able to entertain a group of 10-45 people for such a small amount of money.  NAQ Team Play is that rare exception!  For even larger groups see Tournaments for 25-729 players.

Team Play is great for companies, school classrooms, youth groups, fundraisers, residence hall activities, campus-wide competitions, parties, churches, clubs and large group events.  Click on Fun Stuff for more details for your specific group. 

If you have 10 or more players, we suggest dividing players into teams.  We recommend dividing players into 5 to 9 teams.  A 5-team game will last approximately 30 minutes less than a 9-team game.  Players on each team should rotate turns asking questions.  If you prefer, you can elect a team leader to read aloud the questions and submit answers.  Each team should quietly work together to ask and answer questions.  When answering questions, we suggest having each person on the team write out their answer on a separate pad with 10%-100% next to their answer.  The team leader decides which answer to choose.  The Team leader will write their team’s final answer onto the official NAQ Answer Pad and submit the answer.

Have one person (i.e. Teacher) be the Judge, hand out NAQ Cards, distribute Answer Pads, move the pawns and sand timers.  Internet access is not required, however, we suggest (if possible) having Internet access available for any potential disputed questions or answers.

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